Travelling Artifact Trunk

Attention Teachers!  Bring the Oklahoma Railway Museum into your classroom.  Our Traveling Trunk is filled with railroad-related items for use by your students.  The Trunk includes real artifacts like:  a railroad lantern, signaling flags, a telegraph key, historic telegrams and diner menus, conductor’s and engineer’s caps, a brakeman’s club, and pieces of coal.

Educational materials:

Include books, puzzles, coloring sheets, safety signs, model train cars, and a plastic railroad set.  Teacher resources include vocabulary lists, maps, information on railroad history, and a number of lesson plans.  Teachers can use the materials in any suitable manner or in conjunction with the lesson plans.

The Trunk is available to teachers for a two-week check out with a $25.00 refundable deposit.  Activities included are designed for grade levels Pre-K through 6th.

Lesson Plans:

A number of lesson plans, suitable for primary school children, are currently being developed.  The first lesson answers the question, “What is a Railroad?”  Subsequent lessons will focus on American and Oklahoma history, geography and transportation, mathematics, sociology, communications, art, safety, and visiting the Museum–all related to railroads.  Each lesson includes educational goals and a set of activities for children.  Of course, teachers are free to modify the lessons to suit the ages and abilities of their students.

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