Historic Frisco Turntable coming to ORM

A relic of the railway industry is set to join the Oklahoma Railway Museum, as a 100-foot Frisco turntable will be delivered via truck by J&B Heavy Haul on April 14.

Utilized as a way to turn locomotives 180 degrees, allowing trains to travel back in the direction from which they came, turntables were once an integral part of the railway industry. They are typically steel bridges, ranging from 6 to 120 feet long, supported by an axis in the middle of the structure. Wheels on the outside guide the turntable on its ring tail, while equipment is turned.

The turntable arriving at the Oklahoma Railway Museum was originally installed in Sapulpa, Okla., in 1920 by the Frisco railroad. It was moved by the Frisco to Oklahoma City in 1929 as a replacement for an 82-foot turntable. In 1994, it was donated to the museum by the BNSF Railway. It is being transported from Stillwater Central’s yard.

As the Stillwater Central is an active railroad facility, public access prior to transportation of the turntable will be restricted. Turntable will be accessible at the Oklahoma Railway Museum. ORM thanks the Stillwater Central for their support of the museum on this project.

The museum is also seeking donations to help cover the costs of relocating the turntable. Donations can be made through the museum’s website at oklahomarailwaymuseum.org, or by mail at 3400 NE Grand Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK, 7311.

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