Passenger Cars

SANTA FE 113 - Coach

This car was built in 1938 by the Budd Company as Santa Fe No. 3105, a 52 seat chair car (coach). AT&SF No. 3105 was part of the first EL CAPITAN trainset, which entered service in February 1938. The car was sold to the Penn Central RR in November of 1969 where it was converted into a 108 seat commuter-coach, No. 2413. The Cedar Rapids & Iowa City RR purchased the car in the early 1980's for excursion service and renumbered it No. 113. In 2001, the car was rebuilt by the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad into a 72 seat coach. The car was purchased by ORM in 2005.

SANTA FE 115 - Coach

Built by the Budd Company in 1938 for the Santa Fe RR, it is believed that this car was Santa Fe No. 3199, a 51 seat chair/observation car. If this car is No. 3199, then it was on the inaugural run of the EL CAPITAN. In November of 1960, the Santa Fe converted the car into a standard 44 seat coach by squaring the observation end. After the conversion, the car was renumbered No. 2947. It was then sold to Penn Central RR in December of 1969 where it was converted into a 108 seat commuter coach No. 2407. The Cedar Rapids & Iowa City RR purchased the car in the early 1980's for excursion service, and it was renumbered No. 115. In 1994, the car was sold to the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad where it was configured as a 72 seat coach. This car was purchased by the Oklahoma Centennial Commission and donated to the Museum in 2005.

SANTA FE 1492 - Dinner

This dinner was built by the Budd Company in 1942 for the AT&SF (Santa Fe) RR. It was part of the SUPER CHIEF in the 1940's, the CHIEF in the 1950's, and finally the TEXAS CHIEF in the 1960's. Previous owners include the Santa Fe RR (No. 1492) and Amtrak (No. 8037). Howard Thornton of Midwest Travel acquired the car and named it Soonerland II. It was used for several excursions around Watonga, OK, in the 1990's. The Oklahoma Centennial Commission funded the last refurbishment in 2006. Museum member Harry Currie donated this car to the ORM in 2011.

GREAT NORTHERN 1304 - Chair car

Pullman Standard built this car in December 1950 with Builders No. 3265. The Great Northern RR named it “Priest River,” No. 1197, and used it on their train, the Empire Builder: one drawing room, 2 bedrooms, and a buffet/observation room. In 1955 it was rebuilt as the "Grand Coulee" with 4 bedrooms, 1 compartment, and 6 roomettes. The car was rebuilt in 1968 as Chair Car No. 1304 with 68 seats. The Burlington Northern RR sold this car to Amtrak in 1971. It was purchased by Howard Thornton in 1988 and renamed "Mistletoe II". Roy and Darlene Thornton donated the car to the Museum in 2011.

UNION PACIFIC 1505 - Observation/Cafe/Lounge

This coach was built by Pullman Car Company in 1915 for the Union Pacific RR, Serial No. 904530. It was originally built as an open-rear-platform observation/café/lounge car, No. 1520. It was remodeled in 1932 & 1941. The road number was changed to No. 1505 after one of its remodels. Eventually, the car was put into MOW service on the Denver wreck train. It was donated to the ORM in 1987 by the Union Pacific RR.

C&NW 7721 - Combine

Built by the American Car & Foundry Company in July 1929, Commuter Combine #7721 was originally operated by the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad. The ORM purchased this car from the Guthrie Arts Council in January 2004. The Arts Council had purchased this car along with several others from the Dodge City Ford & Bucklin Railroad. This car is wheelchair accessible.

ROCK ISLAND 6015 - Combine

This combine (passenger/baggage) was built by the American Car & Foundry Company in 1921 as Railway Express Agency No. 6015 for the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific RR. It was modernized (streamlined) in 1940 into a baggage dorm for use on the Arizona Limited and the Golden State Limited. The car was replaced in September of 1959 with Pullman Standard baggage dorms purchased from the NYC RR, Numbers 821-823. This car was converted to a maintenance of way dormitory car No. 6150. In May 2001, the Capitol Steel Company donated the car to the ORM. It had been stored on their track for several years and was going to be cut up for scrap. It is now used as ORM's Party Coach for birthdays.


We believe this is Rock Island (CRI&P) RR car No. 720, originally a Railway Post Office car. If it is No. 720, it was built in 1929 by the Pullman Car Company, originally No. 3500. It was then rebuilt in 1952 by the Rock Island RR. The roller bearing wheelsets suggest it was modernized for Rocket Service. Records show car No. 720 was converted to a shower car at Biddle, AR, becoming MOW 96182. The Oklahoma Railway Museum acquired this car from the Union Pacific RR. It had been in the old Rock Island RR yard in El Reno, OK. Weight: 154,500 lbs.

ROCK ISLAND 4119 - Baggage car (Model Train car)

This baggage car was built by the American Car & Foundry Company in 1927 for service on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific RR, No. 4119. It was converted to tool car, No. 96155, in 1957. The car was donated to the Oklahoma Railway Museum by the Union Pacific RR. It currently houses a model train exhibit.

FRISCO 2568 - Pullman Tourist Sleeper (Display car)

This car was built as a tourist sleeper car in 1913 by the Pullman Palace Car Company. Builder's No. 108028. The Saint Louis & San Francisco (Frisco) RR purchased the car in 1950 and converted it into a maintenance-of-way bunk and kitchen car. It was acquired by the ORM in May, 2001, from the Capital Steel Company. The car was going to be cut up for scrap: Capitol Steel was happy to donate the car to the Museum on the condition that it be moved as soon as possible. The Museum converted it to a Display Car in 2002, and it now houses railroad artifacts and displays.