OKRX 21 - Caboose

This caboose was built in 1958 by the Great Northern Railroad at their shops in St. Cloud, MN, and numbered X-21. After 1970, the GN merged into the Burlington Northern Railroad, and the caboose was renumbered 10381. It was retired in 1985, and was then donated to the ORM by the Burlington Northern Railroad. Weight 55,400 lbs.

CB&Q 14107 - Caboose

This caboose was built by Wells and French for the Burlington & Missouri River RR in 1878. The original Number was 10. The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR Number was 14107, and the Burlington Northern RR number was 11021. The car was retired in 1973 and sold to George Shirk, a former mayor of Oklahoma City, who donated it in 1981 to CORC, a predecessor organization to ORM. It is believed to be the oldest CB&Q way car in existence.

ROCK ISLAND 17834 - Caboose

This unusual caboose was originally built as a 40-ton Class B-2 boxcar, probably by the Bettendorf Company of Iowa in 1915, for the CRI & P Railroad. It was modified into a caboose in 1940’s by the Rock Island Railroad. To make the change, the center section was cut out, end platforms were added, and a steel cupola was mounted of the roof. The car served until cabooses were no longer used by the railroad. Eventually, this caboose was donated to the ORM by the Kilpatrick family. Restoration, started in about 2010, was funded in part by the National Railway Historical Society with a Railway Heritage Grant.

SANTA FE 999359 - Caboose

This caboose was built in 1929 by the American Car & Foundry Company as a Class Ce-2, with the original road number of 1756. It was re-built in 1969 or 1970. The current ATSF road number is 999359. Length 35 ft. 3 3/4 in. Width 9 ft. 7 in. Height 15 ft. 3 5/8 in. Weight 48,600 lb. Donated to the ORM in 2009 by the grandchildren of Tom and Cherry Jerlo.

UP 25380 - Caboose

This all-metal caboose was built in 1956 for the Union Pacific Railroad, Class CA-6. The road number is 25380. Weight: 52,300 lbs.

FRISCO - Party Caboose

At present, we know very little about this caboose other than it came from the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway. The line drawing is of a class which could include this caboose. Our caboose, when we got it, was stripped on the inside and clad with non-original siding. So, it has been converted to use as a birthday party caboose complete with heat and air conditioning.

FRISCO 649 - Caboose

The Saint Louis and San Francisco (Frisco) RR was the original owner of this caboose. In 1953, the Frisco RR donated the car to the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds where it was displayed for over 60 years. In 2015, the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds donated the caboose to the Oklahoma Railway Museum.

FRISCO - Caboose

Little is known about this wood-sided caboose. The fact that it has metal end beams and a steel cupola suggests it was built after 1932. It apparently was operated by the SL&SF (Frisco) RR. Oddly, it is supported on ATSF wheel sets. Donated to the Museum by Greg Thompson.