Built by Great Northern Railroad at their St. Cloud Mn. shops in 1958 numbered X-21. After 1970 GN merged into the Burlington Northern caboose was renumbered 10381. Retired in 1985.

CB&Q 14107

Built by Wells and French for the Burlington & Missouri River in 1878. Original Number was 10. Chicago Burlington & Quincy number was 14107 and Burlington Northern number was 11021. Retired in 1973 and sold to George Shirk a former mayor of Oklahoma City who donated it to CORC, a predecessor organization to ORM in 1981. Believed to be the oldest CB&Q way car in existence.


This caboose originally was a box car built in 1915. Rebuilt as a caboose in 1940’s by the Rock Island. Donated by the Kilpatrick family. Restoration was funded in part by the National Railway Historical Society with a Railway Heritage Grant.


At this time we know very little about this caboose other than it came from the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway. The line drawing is of a class which could include this caboose. Our caboose when we got it was stripped on the inside and clad with non-original siding so it has been converted to use as a birthday party caboose complete with heat and air conditioning.

UP 25380

Built in 1956. Union Pacific Railroad class CA-6.

SANTA FE 999359

Class Ce-2 Built 1929 by American Car & Foundry, original road number 1756. Re-built 1969 or 1970, Length 35' 3 3/4" Width 9' 7", Height 15' 3 5/8" Weight 48,600 lb Donated by Tom Jerlo and his grandchildren 2009