Gary Githens Railroading Merit Badge Program


A new Railroading Merit Badge patch, unique to the Oklahoma Railway Museum, is an extra reward for participants who complete the workshop here.

The Oklahoma Railway Museum provides scouts—and other youth groups—with the perfect setting and experienced counselors to help them complete requirements towards their badges and ranks.

The day-long Railroading Merit Badge workshop at the Oklahoma Railway Museum features various railroad-themed activities, including:

  • Classroom instruction
  • Hands on interaction with Museum artifacts
  • Railroad technology and car tour
  • Scale Model railroad simulation
  • Demonstrations

ORM Merit Badge Program Flyer

$15 per scout. Workshops accommodate a minimum of six (6) scouts and a maximum of fifteen (15) scouts.
One (1) adult with every five (5) scouts is admitted free. Additional adult leaders are $10 per adult admission.
Troops visiting from outside the Oklahoma City area can make arrangements to camp on-site. For an additional $30 fee. Sorry no camp fires allowed.
Please bring payment with you on the date of the program. No advanced deposit is necessary. Checks may be made payable to Oklahoma Railway Museum.
Program Duration:
Six (6) hours approximately. The program starts promptly at 9:00 am, and finishes by 4:00pm.

Note: Non-participating family members, especially children, often grow bored during instructional sessions. Please consider leaving them at home.

Be Prepared!

Scouts are strongly encouraged to review the current BSA Railroading Merit Badge Requirements on the Internet (and explore the helpful links at the bottom of that web page). Scouts should read the  Railroading Merit Badge Handbook prior to this class. It has a LOT of good, useful information, making it a great resource for learning what a Scout will need to know for this merit badge. In our experience, Scouts who have done no preparation may well enjoy the day but frequently do not accomplish the educational goals.

The Railroading Merit Badge Worksheet is also available. While it is not a requirement to use this form, using the worksheet is a great way for a scout to organize their notes to be prepared for their sign-off.

Note: It is very helpful for scout leaders to conduct a pre-event briefing leading their troop through the Merit Badge Handbook

Please Bring:

  • Badge paperwork (for scouts: merit badge cards).
  • Bagged lunches (on-site) or money for lunches (off-site).
  • Appropriate dress (for scouts, class “A” or “B” uniforms are preferred).
  • Most importantly, eager minds, ready to work and ready to learn. (See “Note To Parents & Leaders” below.)
We Provide:
  • Expert instruction
  • Pamphlet: Railroading Merit Badge Requirements.
  • Worksheet packet: Railroading Merit Badge Requirements

Program Itinerary: (Subject To Change)

  • 8:45 Arrive
  • 9:00 to 12:00 Merit Badge instruction
  • 12:00 pm to 1:00 Break For Lunch
  • 1:00 to 3:30 Merit Badge instruction
  • 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm Conclusion & Wrap-Up

Note To Parents & Leaders
The participation of your scouts in our Railroading Merit Badge program does not guarantee they will earn the awards. The Oklahoma Railway Museum provides the venue, the counselors and materials appropriate to their learning experiences. It is up to the participant to successfully complete the requirements of these awards and behave in a manner befitting their home organizations and a public facility like the Oklahoma Railway Museum. Our counselors reserve the right to withhold awards from participants who have not satisfactorily met the official requirements of those awards, or who have not behaved in a manner befitting their home organizations and a public facility like the Oklahoma Railway Museum.

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