Updated Depot Display

Volunteer and Education Chair Steve Kamm has been hard at work revamping the displays in the Oakwood Depot. After much cleaning and rearranging of display cases and objects the baggage room is now a informative educational space for our visitors.

On the west wall is the Railroad Scales Display that includes a rail car weigh scale, platform scale and weigh tickets along with a cross-buck and two historic signs from Oklahoma Railway Museum’s previous incarnation as Central Oklahoma Railfans Club.

At the south east corner ORM’s collection of historic track tools are arranged on the wall clearly marked with descriptions of their use.  The display case is now home to various track-related items from Chuck Shinn’s collection, along with a model velocipede donated by Stan Hall. We’re in the process of enhancing two photos, circa 1912, of a group of gandy dancers which includes Samuel Sanders—grandfather of our Terry Birchett.  A newly acquired coal-burning, depot stove is now on display. This stove, probably 100 years old, was made for the St. Louis & San Francisco Railway and was used to heat the Wellston, Oklahoma depot.

On the east wall is our Frisco velocipede. This velocipede, built by the Sheffield Velocipede Car Company, is probably 100 years old.  It was owned by the St. Louis—San Francisco Railway and used by crews for track inspection and repair.  This antique velocipede was donated to the ORM by former Frisco Road Master, R. B. Mose.  Restoration was completed in 2017 by Steve Kamm.

Steve wishes to thank all those who helped on this project: Charles Price, Eric Dilbeck, Larry Dodd, Stan Hall, Chuck Shinn and others.


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